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Choose a topic

If the topic is not defined for you, you will have to choose the topic yourself. It’s pretty simple to do, if you have a great choice, but it’s worth sticking to some important rules:

The topic should not be too wide or too narrow. You need to choose a topic that is easy enough to find information, but this information should be enough so that you can competently reduce it and bring to the reader the most important thing. For example, the theme “The history of shelters for animals” is too extensive, and the theme “The history of the shelter for animals X in the city of N” is too narrow. The golden mean will be the theme “The history of shelters for animals of such and such a breed in such and such a country”. You can also find topics on popular and useful sites for students, where they can order papers or choose the topic. Find out such sites in essay writing service reviews.

The topic should be interesting to readers. Think about who will read your essay. If this essay is for a school or an institution, it’s likely that only your teacher will be reading your essay. You should think about what new you can tell in your composition.
The topic should be interesting to you. Then the writing process will be much easier, and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Find the information you need

This stage is especially important for writing an informative essay, where you need to accurately convey information. Be careful with unverified sources. It is better to ask for help in the library, the librarian will help you find the necessary books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals, and also proven and websites. Be careful, using material from the Internet, including sites such as Wikipedia, because such sites can be found inaccurate information.

For best results, try to find well-known sites on the Internet, as well as specialized organizations, government agencies and universities. Google Scholar will help you with this.

Think about your ideas

Once you have collected enough material for the essay, carefully analyze everything you’ve collected, find a link between all concepts.
Draw your ideas! In the center of the sheet of paper draw a circle, and in it the name of the topic. Next write down the most important ideas and points. Connect these ideas with arrows to reflect the order in which these ideas will be located in the text. Then add a few details to each idea.

Make a list. If you prefer a linear format, write down your topic at the top, and under it place your ideas, you can dispose them not in the order in which they will be in your essay.
Write. This will help to come up with new ideas that can be used in the final version of the essay. Set the time limit, for example, 15 minutes, during this time try to write everything that comes to your mind. Do not stop, do not follow the correctness of writing, just keep writing.

Writing itself

First, write an essay in the draft. Lean on the plan and scheme. Do not worry about spelling mistakes, because you write in a draft, this is not the final version. The draft version can be written by hand or printed (depending on how you prefer).

Write essays in parts. First you need to make an introduction, then the main part, and then the final part. Make sure that each paragraph has a certain structure: thesis, proof, explanation. As arguments, you can use facts and details, as well as your own reasoning. With the help of arguments and examples you can expand the essay.

You should know well the topic you are going to write to. To test yourself, refer to the outline.