Two Bosses I have Worked For

I am freelance writer and for freelancers there is no concept of bosses. However, during my ten years career, it has been two times that I have done a formal job i.e., with a restriction of time limits and of course a boss to control or restrict my activities. I have been asked to make a comparison of two of my bosses. I am lucky enough to have been a victim of at least bosses otherwise it would have been difficult to write on the subject.

Interestingly enough both my bosses share a same birth date. But unfortunately the two differ in their behaviors to an extent that can be comparable to sun and moon, day and night, iron and gold. One can well understand through the examples. Here they are just opposite to each other in their behavior, conduct, moral and ethical approach and of course IQ and mental level. The first whom I will refer to as Michael Hitchcock was a real friendly fellow. No doubt the later, William Bachman, too is friendly.

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The difference is still there as the friendly nature exhibited his natural simplicity, care, kindness, trustworthiness and benevolence towards his fellow workers or subordinates. On the other hand, Mr. Bachman is a mean and selfish person who gets friendly with every one from whom he expect any benefit at any stage. That is not my observation only but a fact he accepted himself in front of my colleague and me who went to ask him for his brother’s job. Mr. Bachman bluntly replied, “No one do any favor unless he foresee something in return”.

Mr. Hitchcock was absolutely the opposite. A number of a people, were working with him, who were not in fact needed. He was of the holy view that people are fed by God and not human beings and if he was giving them any remuneration, that was there fate. He was always compassionate to all the people around him. He always kept himself aware of the minute problems faced by his workers. He was like a father for his subordinates and helped them to fullest possible means he had. All he did for others were mostly kept secret by him and without any hope for a reward. I know this because I personally received a favor from him when I was once in trouble. Mr. Bachman was a kind of ‘show-off’. All he did was to display his wealth and make people grateful to him.

In the end I must say that Mr. Hitchcock possessed the best qualities of a human being while Mr. Bachman displayed the worst characteristics of beasts and animals.

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