Women and Men as Single Parents

Children without both parents are always a case of insecurity. They rarely feel confident enough to take any bold steps in their lives. Parents are the pillars based on which the children build their lives, if one of these pillars is missing then one can imagine how difficult it is to carry on one pillar alone. Many of the children seen to be facing family problems become mentally disturb. They cannot pay attention in their academic as well as social lives, they become extra sensitive, less concentrate in their subjects, mostly angry and impatient, perform such acts to get attention and many other things. However, the living in such circumstances shows some of the other subjects as well. Below we will discuss the similarities and differences of women and men as single parents.


Whether it’s a woman parent or a man parent, both have to work to earn living; it makes it difficult to pay attention to home and children at the same time. If the parent is father then in most cases he has to hire a governess to look after the house and children. And if it’s a mother then she requires help form her neighbors or some relative to do some of the house choruses like paying the bills and to repair the car. Both of them have to attend to the school meetings of their children and also have to listen to the teachers if there are any complaints about their children’s behavior.

At home, whenever, there are any misbehaviors, there is no other partner to solve the situation, so the single parent has to solve it all by himself or herself. Some children get so much disturbed by their parent’s separation that they have to be looked after by a psychiatrist and the parent has to go through all of this. Sometimes, children also has to be more patient about their parents’ sudden outbursts and this makes them in turn tense and aggressive when they are with their friends and they try to pour out their anger on their friends and themselves. A parent has to pay very careful attention to his/her work or else any small mistake can cause much damage.

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The main difference that is mostly seen is that a father after being separated from his wife gets married again or very soon. However, more less is seen when a mother gets married after bring separated from her husband, she usually devotes her full life to her children. The children living with father are seen to be more comfortable financially but in case with mother, many of the times, they are tight in budget.

The mother understands the child more closely as compared to the father and hence she also understands the child’s behavior and feelings. The child living with father tries to get attention from his female teachers or from his friends’ mothers. But it is also very much true that children are afraid of their fathers more as compared to their mothers so children with father become less spoiled as compared to that with mother. However, it is commonly seen that children living with fathers always want to have their mothers back but children living with mothers less feel that need and they prefer to live with their mothers alone.

To conclude the essay, it is not good for children in either way, with mother or without father and the difference between the children with both parents and children with a single parent is easily seen. As it is said by William Penn, “Next to God, thy parents.” So, It’s not good for them at any age and it also doesn’t cast healthy effects on their brains because they learn the basics and the depths of life from their parents and in this the role of both parents is very necessary. Although, even after spending many years with a single parent, they at some stage of their lives do feel the necessity of both parents together.

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